HeARTfully Created

Our Story

"To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your SOUL grow. So DO IT." - Kurt Vonnegut

In April of 2014, a woman decided that she wanted to purchase something special for herself: a pair of earrings. She searched and searched, but fortunately enough was unsuccessful in her quest. It was in this moment that she chose to transform her IMAGINATION into REALIZATION through creating exactly what she wanted. 

Flashing to the future, HeARTfully Created was birthed in 2019 from light and love. We are proud to use genuine semi-precious healing gemstones in our products. They represent the core of who we are.

When you own a HeARTfully Created piece, you are owning a handmade creation specially crafted with purposeful intention in mind: custom products & experiences that speak to your soul. 

In 2021, we began a reconstruction process to expand the purpose of the company. We are proud to continue our story through the lens of Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Creative Mind is our ART division where we curate personalized painting experiences both in-person and virtually. We offer original art pieces as well.

Creative Body is our JEWELRY and CLOTHING division where we design handmade body adornments & also bring your custom ideas to life. We will offer a few clothing collections of our own too.

Creative Spirit is our WELLNESS division where self-care & self-love are TOP priorities. Here, we develop products that help affirm your self-healing journey.

We strongly believe that there is creativity inside of EVERYONE - you just have to be willing to give yourself PERMISSION to unlock it.

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