HeARTfully Created


On Wednesdays, we debut new waistbead designs! #WaistedWednesday was created to provide a behind-the-scenes look to the thought process of our waisted creations. This space will contain the subject matter that inspired us. 


HeARTfully Created


I created two waistbeads recently to sit on the lower hip line directly adjacent to the womb area. On my own journey of healing, I wanted to ensure that the vibrational energy of love, peace/harmony, prosperity, abundance, & regeneration was carried with me at all times. I discovered I hold emotional energy in my womb. Doesn't matter if it's happiness, sorrow, or irritation - it's carried there & then filers through the rest of my body. Many women underestimate the power their wombs hold. Not solely for creating life, but also the vital role of helping to maintain hormonal balance in our bodies. YOUR WOMB IS SACRED! It multiples what is poured into it. Cherish it and witness the power it holds!

Affirmation: I am a powerful creation of infinite potential. 


Not focusing on external beauty, but what we feel internally for ourselves. That beauty that CELEBRATES the authenticity of who we are. Though many women wear waistbeads that show, there are a greater number of women whose waistbeads aren't seen. Personally, I wear multiple daily because they help reinforce the beauty I appreciate in myself. They help bring balance, calm, creativity, love, strength, and motivation to all aspects of my life. The waistbead G O D D E S S is truly special - it embodies feminine love for self. We as women often second guess ourselves. Don't! Celebrate yourself daily. You are a goddess!


You've got this, Sis! When life continues to throw obstacles & negativity your way, lean into stamina - mental stamina. It's more powerful than the physical part of yourself. Strengthening mental stamina will enable you to handle whatever comes your way. That doesn't mean trials & tribulations won't come. It just means you'll be able to look those situations in the face and rise from the ashes victorious! P H O E N I X contains Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Fire Agate, Quartzite, & Red Agate to ignite motivation and inspire you to continue achieving greatness. 


Nothing is more frustrating than trying to place your attention on one particular thing to only have your mind racing in many directions at once. In moments like these, I yearn for stillness, but in essence what I truly desire is FOCUS. From early on in childhood development, we are taught how important focus is. At that age it is clothed under another term - paying attention. For those of us who have difficulty in doing so despite all efforts of intervention, we are often labeled in ways that trigger the introduction of medication into our lives. I think back to a story my grandmother shared with me that in the 1960s a doctor wanted to start one of her children on medication because he wouldn’t “sit still”. She thought about it, decided against the medicated option, and dove deep into the WHY behind his behavior. She discovered that he was bored at times. LOL. That was a forbidden word in my house growing up, but the truth was evident. Her solution was simple and effective: she would say these four words, “Tell Mommy a story.” This assignment caused my uncle to concentrate on creating an entertaining story to tell my grandmother; thus training his mind to put energy towards one specific goal. He learned to focus but also built a skill of being creative. Now I understand that may be a unique situation, but it worked for my uncle and in most cases works for my son even today. 

ABSOLUTELY NO DISTRACTIONS! We live in a world that has conditioned us to be susceptible to distractions. For example, Pinterest. Love the app and the concept, but I am guilty of falling down the rabbit hole of pins too many times over. I search vegetarian/vegan dinner ideas at first, but quickly get distracted by the “More Like This” list of suggestions. Now I’m reading about yoga quotes, and still haven’t decided on what to eat. Damn shame. The capability of focusing requires that you are not distracted - AT ALL - when you are working to attain a goal. This is much easier to say & more difficult to do because most of us have to make a conscious effort to avoid distractions especially if we have trouble with being disciplined. 

FOCUS REQUIRES SELF-DISCIPLINE! You cannot, shall not, & will not have one without the other! Merrimack-Webster defines discipline as “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. Losing/gaining weight, working towards a promotion, learning a new language, studying for classes, saving money, etc. - these examples can go on forever, but they all require self-discipline for effective focus to occur. Whenever you need a reminder, take a look at an ant colony. Each ant works together for the greater good of the colony, but it is disciplined in attaining its goal because if it fails, the colony will be impacted. You are the ant & the colony simultaneously - act accordingly. 

FOCUS MUST BE CLEARLY DEFINED! You cannot put your energy towards something if you have no idea what it is. Additionally, BE SPECIFIC! Saying, “I’m going to start exercising in 2020” is good; but saying “I’m going to commit to exercising three times a week in 2020 to lose 20 pounds” is much better. 

I dreamt of C L A R I T Y for two weeks. Not knowing what to name it at first, but knowing I MUST create it. I remained focused & manifested my dream into reality!

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