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C H O O S E • H A P P Y


Yellow not only represents the light of the sun, but is also the brightest color of the visible spectrum and most noticeable to human eyes. It is a color that has continued to spark joy in my life. It inspires creativity as well. Plus it was one of grandmother’s favorite colors. I honor her with this design!
This piece contains the following gemstones 💛:
*Citrine - this a crystal of Manifestation. It is associated with your Solar Plexus chakra to help regain power within. Citrine elevates self-esteem & moves away that stale energy!!
Clear Quartz - this stone does it all & raises energies to their highest level possible. It is a master healer of the body. Quartz will amplify the energy of any crystals that surrounds it

Size: Customizable; Size shown: 44”
**Note: Please indicate size desired in order notes during checkout**

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