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E X P R E S S • Y O U R S E L F


A waistbead that contains Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, & Aquamarine that focuses on the Throat Chakra:⠀
Throat Chakra - This is the fifth chakra and is located at the throat level in the center of the neck. It serves as a passage of energy between the head & lower parts of the body. The Throat Chakra deals with expression & communication. It is associated with the element of Sound. This chakra is most commonly represented by the color blue and is all about expressing your purpose, creativity, & truth. A blocked Throat Chakra can leave you feeling insecure or even timid. Contrarily, an overactive throat chakra can lead to verbal aggression, gossip, and lack of control over your speech. That’s why it’s imperative to have balance. ⠀
Sodalite - a stone that instills a truth-seeking drone & encourages objectivity, rational thought, intuitive perception, & solidarity of purpose. It brings emotional balance & enhances self-trust.⠀
Lapis Lazuli - a highly protective stone that is a quick stress reliever. It encourages you to take charge of life and balances the throat chakra. It is a stone of truth and knowledge. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier that encourage creativity through attunement. ⠀
Aquamarine - a nurturing stone that helps you speaks from the heart without fear of retribution. It can cleanse old energies and help you acknowledge the past to move forward.⠀
Size: Customizable; size shown: 44”
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