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Image of T A L E β€’ O F β€’ T H E β€’ H E A R T

T A L E β€’ O F β€’ T H E β€’ H E A R T


Created with Green Aventurine & Rose Quartz, this waistbead focuses on the Heart Chakra.
Heart Chakra - This is the fourth chakra and is located directly above the heart; it helps shape and responds to your capacity for love, compassion, and affection. It’s associated with the color green. Despite its pink hue, the healing stone Rose Quartz is also affiliated with the Heart chakra. The element of this chakra is Air. An aligned Heart chakra can help you to draw boundaries in your emotional life, while a blocked or unbalanced Heart chakra often shows up as impatience or detachment from others. Additionally, it can show up physically in the form of high blood pressure. β €
Size: Customizable, size shown 44”
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